Psalm 91 English

As I was driving my daughter and grandson to school this week, I decided to have my Bible app read Psalm 91 to me.  I have a Bluetooth in my car so I was able to share the bible verse with both of the kids as well.  After listening to the verse, I asked what stood out to them the most in the verse and they both had their response.  Then God laid it upon my heart “Why don’t you look for the kid’s version of this scripture” Duh I thought to myself.  Below is the verse I shared with the kids this week.  It may still be hard for my grandson who is 4 to understand each line, but he does know this.  God loves him and he will protect and provide for him.

Look at the scripture below and see what I shared with the kids this week. 



I will stay in the safety of You God, and stay close to Your shadow.

 I will say of You Lord, You are my hiding place, my God, in You I trust.

 For You will deliver me from the devil’s traps, and from the deadly disease.

You will cover me with Your power, and under Your care I will find safety.

  Your faithfulness is a shield and a wall of safety around me.

I will not fear of the terror that comes at night, or the bad things the devil tries to put in my mind.

Nor the disease that tries to come in at night, not even the destruction that comes at noonday.

A thousand can fall at one side and ten thousand can fall at my other side, but destruction will not come near me.

I will only look with my eyes and see the reward of the wicked

[those that won’t receive Christ]

because I have made You, Lord my dwelling place-and the Most High God, my refuge.

No evil shall be allowed to take me down, and no plague will come near my body.

For You God, will command Your angels to guard me in all I do.

In their hands they will hold me up; I will not even strike my foot on a rock.

Evil things may come, but I will trample them under my feet.

Why? Because I stay close to You, God, I know You love me and protect me, because I know You personally,

Thank You God!



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Hi! My name is..... Angela Miller. I am a Georgia native. I became a licensed Realtor® in 1994, serving the Greater Atlanta area.
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2 Responses to Psalm 91 English

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Those words will stay with them the rest of their lives. Even if they stray when they get older, the probability is that they will come back. God is always with us.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. Tina says:

    I was just sitting here rocking Ethan and I remembered this blog. So I go to look to see if my seet sister who hasn’t felt well but had also had a crazy week just as I have took the time to update and what do you know she updated today! It makes me feel the Holy Spirit was at work. So I sit and wonder what is He trying to tell me…. Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10 comes to mind. He is here, He is working with and through me in everything I say and do! God has blessed me!

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